Hear From Clients.

“Ally guided me to my true self and that is the most valuable gift anyone has given me.”

I consider Ally one of my most esteemed mentors. She guided me through two of the most transformative experiences of my life – a divorce from my partner of 13 years and a career leap shortly after – and through each process I’ve become a stronger and more loving person.
Today I’m close friends with my ex-husband (whom Ally also counseled) and we feel much gratitude to her for helping us heal and come together on better terms. As for my own personal journey, Ally taught me techniques and tools to confront a past trauma, through which I found within myself a wellspring of strength and love to overcome old wounds. It was not only freeing but also empowering as I began to break patterns of guilt and resentment. When I found myself in a career rut, Ally helped me on my next big transformation – the ability to manifest my dreams. I was especially drawn to Ally because of her blend of firmness and compassionate approach. She is not someone who would diagnose a problem and cure you. She empathizes and teaches you skills to understand yourself better.
Ann Nguyen, Orange County, Ca—Photographer, Conscious Marketing, Writer & Traveler

“Every time I sit with Ally, my life changes for the better.”

By working with Ally, I’ve been able to communicate more clearly and effectively with everyone in my life. Her approach is kind, direct and effective. Her profound insights have lead me to unparalleled transformation. I’ve worked with world-renowned teachers and counselors, and Ally is truly one of the greatest teachers I’ve ever worked with.

Kamala Chambers, Seattle, WA—Author, CEO, Podcast Host

I reached out to Ally for some relationship help after coming to a rather low point in my romantic partnership. I was experiencing an overload of frustration, lack in clarity, and inability to get my emotions across. It had been several months of unhealthy patterns. Working with her became more than rewarding. She not only helped my relationship with my partner and I, but also my relationship with myself. Through questions and conversation, she allowed for effortless sharing from both sides. Ally gently allowed us to see where our communication skills were lacking, and how to effectively and lovingly build bridges to bring forth new understanding. Having an outside person looking in brought one “ah-ha!” moment after the other.

“Ally gave practical approaches and techniques that were easy to apply to every day life.”

Taylor Nelson, Phoenix, AZ—Yoga Instructor/Artist

I was amazed at how effective these techniques were, not only in my romantic relationship, but in all of my other relationships as well. Ally has a pure gift at quickly identifying communication patterns, seeing the mutual ground that can be developed, and integrating self-awareness techniques that apply to everyone involved.

I am very appreciative of Ally and her guiding light. Ally’s skill set is remarkable and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to better themselves and their relationships.

My partner and I gained clarity on issues in our relationship that we had held for months. Ally also provided us with a roadmap for how to move our relationship forward in a deeper way. I think it was her ability to ask the right questions, listen with real compassion (developed through her own experience), and create an environment for extremely open and honest discussion that made our time together so valuable. Even today, I continue to use some of the simple and effective communication tools she offered us. 

Jeff Davis, Orange County, Ca—Permaculture Design Teacher/Specialist

When I first met with Ally I didn’t know what to expect. To be honest I had never experienced Relationship Counseling nor therapy before and I was feeling defensive about trusting a stranger to help me. Luckily, Ally’s personality is naturally easy to trust. Her warmth and genuine attitude is welcoming.

“I appreciate that she took the time to observe and understand my personal challenges and goals before beginning to make any kind of analysis.”

I discovered that Ally was not only easy to trust and talk to, but she is a very wise and experienced professional. In only a few sessions, Ally helped me identify how I could turn my weaknesses into strengths and gave me the tools I needed to solve some of my emotional hurdles. I won’t say her advice was easy, because it wasn’t always, but with a little practice, I used Ally’s advice to start breaking down my fears and inhibitions that were holding me back from being who I wanted to be.

I continue to revisit Ally’s advice and I am rewarded with self improvement, healing and love for myself. In retrospect, I realize that I met Ally at a time when I was ready for someone to help me and I am very glad that I did because she is an expert in her field.♥

Noel, Orange County, Ca—Urban Farmer/Web Designer

“Her ability to communicate intelligently and creatively made quite an impression.”

Beth S., Friday Harbor, Wa—Artist, Grandmother, Gardener, Caregiver & Nature lover.

There are a lot of words in the human language that begin with the prefix co-. Intense words that mean lightyears more than they convey conceptually. They chart fierce courses through our bodies as silently lived feelings, expressed and inpressed in both life in general and especially in moments of confusion and transition. Communication. Collaboration. Counsel. Confiding. Conferring. Context. Complexity. Completion.

They share a root in the reality of what it means to be genuinely with someone. Someone you can trust. A person who listens and hears. A participant. A co-equal and companion during a period of intimately-personal consideration.

Without this human connection, and a deep appreciation of and fluency in its language, life and love are robbed of their lushness. When you are trapped in this state, it is heartbreaking, and it feels more real and vividly-convincing than what comfort well-meaning but merely positive or reassuring words can impart. You need someone who can help illuminate the interior of the heart and situation that has been broken open. To see that the breaking is a beginning, and a revealing of beauties that are held and found not just in the positive emotions, but in the equally-worthy and rich recesses of the dark.

You need someone who commands language like this, someone committed because they authentically care, because they understand themselves, and who can therefore embody compassion.
I might say all this of someone who I’ve shared several involved counseling or communication sessions with, but the fact that I can say it of Ally, with whom I’ve shared only one, speaks volumes about the quality of her work and the nature of her talent. And ultimately isn’t that a distinctive and often-overlooked measure of success? Someone who you don’t have to keep going back to?
“Ally is a partner who helps lift you up in your moment of need, of forgetting, but who doesn’t make you reliant on her, and who points you back to the power you possess within. Where even the aspect of compensation is recognized and returned as an opportunity for constructive dialogue on what value means in this life, and what is worth paying for, and paying forward.”
This review, testimonial, reflection on my experience with Ally, glows because it’s true, because I am grateful for her, and because communicating that openly is a way of paying it both forward and full circle again. My recommendation to you, of Ally, is without hesitation.
Paul C. Southern California— I choose to see my entire life as the art and career.