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Emotional Health Facilitation

Humans are emotional and social creatures. We are wired to feel and sense. Emotions and their sensations hold a wealth of information, wisdom, constructive motivation and creativity. Our Emotionality is an entire intelligent, inner guidance system itself. It is our EQ— Emotional Quotient.

A session offering emotional support to help you discover the message(s) within them, so you can apply their important truths into your life, causing the necessary adjustments needed.

Integrity & Reconciliation Facilitation

This session offers assistance in getting to the root of an intense emotional wound or trigger to integrate a part of ourselves that screams to be tended to and reconciled with. Often these parts are referred to as: shadows, pain-body, inner-child, the wounded ego, wounded healer, child-trauma, and broken heart. Integrity and reconciliation work is at the core of feeling fulfilled, whole, complete and empowered in ourselves.

Creative Solution Facilitation

A session that offers valuable clarity to a decision, a set of circumstances or conflicting ideas/emotions you are facing. You will be asked a series of clarifying questions as I make note of your answers. Based on the information, I guide you through the creative solutions that come to light as a result of working-with yourself. We build a vision that meets your personal needs & desires, while practically applying it into your life circumstances.

Female Cycle Awareness Consults
(for female-bodied only)

Customize your life around your personal rhythms & needs, instead of fitting to a mold that doesn’t take the full YOU into consideration.

Get to know your personal FULL female cycle from week-to-week. Our female rhythms are like the seasons and just like each season has its own way and wonder, and necessary preparations, so do our bodies. Our bodies are wired for creativity.

These are empowering sessions for Females to learn about their body’s intelligence systems and biological phases that foster the Creative Process.  As well as provide holistic, embodied healing for menstrual related ailments, symptoms and irregularities.


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