Session Rate: 

$125/session (1.5 hrs)

Sliding Scale & Pay It Forward: 

I welcome $50 – $110/session (1.5 hrs)

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I believe no one should be excluded from receiving help simply due to finances. This model reflects the value in the work I offer and my desire to work with client’s financial standing, as well as encouraging our capacity to share with others when our personal needs are met.

I request that my clients honestly pay what they can using my sliding scale as a reference. I invite my clients then to ‘gift the difference’ in a non-monetary exchange  by offering their own skills, services, or help to another or community supported endeavor.
The terms of this agreement are discussed upon our first session together.

∞ For Female Cycle Consults 


(Female-bodied only)

Free 1st Session, 45 min
Rate: $100/Session, 75 min
Sliding Scale $45 – $90/Session +
(non-monetary gifts to reciprocate our work together)