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Relationship Counseling

We get to the heart of the issue(s) blocking connection. Sessions offering couples guidance through, and deeper understanding of each other and current situation. Each individual will receive integral support through the process of reconciliation and cultivating healthier communication & dynamics that not only restore connection, but maintain it.

Collaborative Creative Solutions

The era of compromise is over, if you want it to be. Conventional wisdom has led couples to believe compromise is at the heart of good relationships. However well-intentioned, this dynamic of self-sacrificing has compromised the happiness of many relationships, leading to resentment, bitterness, and grudge-holding.

Sessions that offer a collaborative approach to a decision, or conflicting ideas the couple is facing. Couple is asked a series of clarifying questions. Based on answers, they are guided through the creative solutions that come to light as result of building a collective vision that meets the needs & desires of both individuals.

Collaborative De-coupling

Do you need to break-up or make-up or both? It is possible to break-up in a kind, and powerfully respectful way. Some of the hardest break-ups are actually between those who still love each other,  but the romance/attraction has fizzled beyond rekindling.

Sessions that create smooth transitions & clear parameters in the de-coupling process, so that the new dynamic can grow out of the love & respect that still exists. Simply, I help you break-up/divorce in an honest, harmonious way.

Sessions 75 min

Couple Session.    $188/session
Couple Package.   $888/ 5 sessions/ 60 Days

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