Collaborative Relationships

Cultivating the Art of Meeting Each Other.

The Incandescent Mystical, Practical, and Tactile Experience of Connection.


Experience both freedom AND commitment within a relationship of your own making.

A Collaborative Relationship is about cultivating the art of meeting each other, which embodies the incandescent mystical, practical, and tactile state of connection.

Being collaborative ensures the fulfillment of one of our most fundamental needs as humans—connection. Collaboration is about co-creation. Together, you create your relationship, rooted in understanding the equal value of each other’s needs, desires, interests, differences, strengths, areas of improvement and experience. It is finding your compliment within the clash. It is about the common ground that exists when both/each become willing to meet each other. From this place, people can safely adapt to dynamic shifts & changes within the partnership, because they learn to trust deeply. They can allow for individual growth, both in their togetherness and their autonomy. Collaboration is about letting go of unhealthy competition for the sake of creativity, and the incredible potential, playfulness, and possibility that arise as a result.

Collaborative Relationships involve:

 willingness to meet each other

 personal responsibility & emotional intelligence

committing to honest & receptive communication

 releasing unrealistic expectations & attachment to certain outcomes

practicing personal self-care

 self-actualization alongside collective-actualization

addressing socialized behaviors to uncover authentic voice & choice

quality time & engaging in each other’s interests

learning the dance of INTERDEPENDENCE between the complimentary tensions of stability/security & mystery/adventure

learning how to build your Relationship Dynamics together from a place of co-creativity

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