Collaborative Relationships

Cultivating the Art of Meeting Each Other.

The Incandescent Mystical, Practical, and Tactile Experience of Communion.


Experience both freedom AND commitment within a relationship of your own making.

A Collaborative Relationship is about cultivating the art of meeting each other, which embodies the incandescent mystical, practical, and tactile state of communion.

Being collaborative ensures that the individuals involved create a relationship that has the ability to shift dynamics based on their needs, desires, and circumstances that arise through life. People can safely adapt when needed, and allow for individual growth, both together and apart. This way of relating includes ALL kinds of relationships – from romantic to familial and from monogamous to polyamorous.

Collaborative Relationships involve:

 willingness to meet each other

accepting personal & social responsibility

committing to honest & receptive communication

 releasing unrealistic expectations

practicing personal self-care

letting go of attachments to certain outcomes

the joys and triumphs of relating in healthier ways

quality time & engaging in each other’s interests

learning the dance of INTERDEPENDENCE

learning how to build your Relationship Dynamic together from a place of creativity

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