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Free Intake Interview 

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This is a free Intake Session (30 min) for potential clients via phone or video call.

In this snapshot session you can expect:
Clarity of where to begin for a full session.

 Your questions answered and figuring out any logistics.

 To get a feel of whether working together is a good fit.


 75 min via video call or in-person depending on location.

The Process:

I guide individuals, couples, and groups through an open, honest, empathetic discussion with themselves and each other to get to the heart of an issue.

What To Expect: 

Greater self-awareness, understanding, respect, empowerment and a creative common ground is found within or together, where unsettling conflict & confusion was before. Connection will be restored with a renewed outlook & approach to the relationship.

The Outcome: 

Mutual Agreements & Personal Commitments

Creative solutions, reconciliation, clarity and deeper intimacy are gained that can be practically applied into your lives with greater ease, support, and playfulness.

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