Frequently Asked Questions

Communicatus_front∞ What is Facilitation?

Simply put, I help people engage with themselves & others from a place of ease, true intimacy & honesty, rather than from a place of hardship, misunderstanding, over-extension & self-sacrifce.

To Facilitate means to nurture a process, assist with progress, make an action or process easier.

A facilitator guides a discussion by asking reflective questions, mediating between differing viewpoints (within a person or between people) & ensuring that all views are respectively heard, in order to reveal creative solutions.

∞ What is your Educational Background?

I am a Sociologist, or Social Scientist. I have a bachelors degree in Sociology & Philosophy where I studied communication, counseling, mediation, and facilitation methods alongside sociological research and theory. Enculturation, human behavior, social dynamics and how we affect each other in relationships are my field of focus.
You can read more on my About Me page.

∞ What is does your SLIDING-SCALE/PAY-IT-FORWARD compensation model mean exactly?

I believe in accessibility. No one should be excluded from receiving help simply due to finances. This model reflects a value in the work I offer, a willingness to work with client’s financial needs, as well as encouraging our capacity to share with others when our needs are met.

I request that my clients honestly pay what they can using my Sliding Scale as a reference. I invite my clients then to gift the difference (if any) by offering their own skills & talents to help someone else. The terms of this agreement are discussed upon our first session together.