Frequently Asked Questions

Communicatus_front∞ What is Facilitation?

Simply put, I help people engage with themselves & others from a place of ease, clarity, and true intimacy, rather than from a place of hardship, misunderstanding, over-extension & self-sacrifce.

To Facilitate means to nurture a process, assist with progress, make an action or process easier.

A facilitator guides a discussion by asking reflective questions, mediating between differing viewpoints (within a person or between people) & ensuring that all views are respectively heard, in order to reveal creative solutions that can be applied.

∞ What is your Educational Background?

I am a Sociologist, or Social Scientist. I have a bachelors degree in Sociology & Philosophy where I studied communication, counseling, mediation, and facilitation methods alongside sociological research and theory. Enculturation, human behavior, social dynamics and developing inner-personal intimacy alongside community intimacy are my fields of focus. You can read more on my About Me page.

∞ What is your SLIDING-SCALE/PAY-IT-FORWARD compensation model mean exactly?

I believe in accessibility. No one should be excluded from receiving help simply due to finances. This model reflects a value in the work I offer, a willingness to work with client’s financial needs on an individual basis, as well as encouraging our capacity to share with others when our needs are met.

I request that my clients honestly pay what they can using my Sliding Scale as a reference. I invite my clients then to gift the difference (if any) by offering their own skills & talents to help someone else. The terms of this agreement are discussed upon our first session together.