About Me

Ally Michelle

I am a Sociologist and offer Facilitation as a therapeutic service to provide the clarity needed to navigate the complexity and confusion that can arise both within ourselves & our closest relationships. I am also a Female Cycle Educator to help women understand the 4 phases of their Monthly Cycle and heal their menstrual related ailments.

communicatusprofile∴ Experience.  I have 14 years of experience working with myself and others offering personal counseling & mediation through a facilitation process to create Collaborative Relationships  both within ourselves & each other. I am a Social Scientist who has a passion for relationships of all kinds.

∴ Education. Bachelors degree in Sociology & Philosophy from Principia College that specialized in learning counseling, mediation, & facilitation methods, communication development, social behavioral patterns, relationship dynamics, historical enculturation, intersectionality of race, class, sex, gender & lookism, collective/personal trauma, sociological research, theory and data collection.

∴ Female Cycle Education. I became a Female Cycle Educator through my own personal healing with my cycle. In my early twenties, I was struck with debilitating pain that accompanied my period I had never experienced before. The extreme symptoms showed up every month. I was either calling in sick or trying to muscle through it at my job and end up going home early. This was the beginning of developing a connection with my body. I had to listen. I started doing my own research on the ailments, which opened me up to a sea of women all over the world experiencing the same symptoms, or worse ( I couldn’t believe it!) throughout their cycles. Many of them looking for answers, not getting them from their doctors. Most being given pain-killers along  with various diagnoses or labels that all meant the same thing: “chronic period pain.” I knew in my heart that what I, and so many women were experiencing symptomatically was not normal, although many believe is normal. On the contrary, it’s a complete lack of understanding of Female Body Ecology. From then, I was dedicated to my healing. This began a decade long personal self-study, self-experimentation, and major research period to better understand the phases of my biological changes throughout the month. The healing process was underway.

I write today, not only having healed my menstrual ailments, but have created a life that circumnavigates my natural rhythm in relation to my own personal cycle — I am Wombin. I have also developed a comprehensive curriculum to help other women understand their personal cycle ecology and receive the education we should’ve/could’ve had coming into our first blood, as well as help heal their menstrual ailments. The curriculum is currently being written & designed into a beautiful, visual learning-based digital Guide (PDF). This offering will be FREE once complete.

I have also developed a Cycle-it-Forward program to make my Female Cycle  curriculum & consults shareable and accessible for women so that the information can ripple out woman-to-woman and become common knowledge & wisdom for us to claim our Inheritance of Sisterhood, as well as encourage women to gather in sanctity around our blood stories and female bodied experiences once again.

Commūnicātus Facilitation is dedicated to my ally & mentor, Dawn Haney-West, in memory.

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