Menstrual Cycle Sessions

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Menstrual Cycle Awareness Sessions

How I became an M.C.A Educator

The initial session we get an overall understanding of your cycle and how you approach it (there is no shame here if you don’t know much, what could be common knowledge, isn’t right now, hence my role). We cover what Menstrual related ailments or symptoms you are dealing  with to know the areas needing healing, attention and greater understanding to support this important internal guidance system within you.

♥ Please Note: If finances are holding you back from seeking help here, please see my Cycle-It-Forward program, that makes my offering accessible.

Rate: $90/Session, 75 min
Sliding Scale $50 – $85/Session + Cycle-it-Forward

(non-monetary ways to fully reciprocate our work together by gifting to others)

Customize your life around your personal rhythms & needs, instead of fitting to a mold that doesn’t take your FULL nature into consideration. Get to know your personal FULL Menstrual Cycle from season to season.

We will also focus on areas of your Cycle that you’re currently suffering through. Yes—the extreme symptoms you experience are not normal and you can heal them to experience menstruation symptom free.

These are empowering sessions for bleeding folks to learn about their body’s intelligence systems, natural rhythm and biology that foster the creative process, as well as heal your menstrual ailments.

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