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Embodied Cycle Awareness Sessions

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Empowering Sessions

Women and Folx learn about their cyclical intelligence and body ecology to nurture: creativity + vitality + sensual + emotional + mental + relational health.

+ Know your Flow: Your whole Cycle from season-to-season, moon-to-moon.
+ Rite to your Rhythm: Build your life around your own personal cycle.
+ Claim your Sovereignty: Understand the reasons to your seasons.
+ Nurture your Nature: Cultivate your creativity, vitality & sensuality.
+ Heal Yourself: You don’t have to suffer through your menses.
+ Includes Phasic|Ritual materials, visuals, resources + remedies

For those suffering through your cycle– take healing into your own hands. Sessions include information and support to heal chronic menstrual pain, ailments and (mis)diagnosis: PMS/PMDD, Mittelschmerz, Dysmenorrhea, Endometriosis, to name a few.

♥ Please Note: If finances are holding you back from seeking help here, please see my Cycle-It-Forward program, that makes my offering accessible.


FREE 30-minute Intake Consult
Individual Purchase | 75 min Session | $125
4-Session Package | 4 Sessions @ 75 min | $400 (40 days)
10-Session Package
| 10 Sessions @ 75 min | $888 (90 days)
Luteal Phase Package | 4 Sessions @ 75 min | $444 (4 months)
Therapeutic Maintenance during the Luteal Phase of your cycle to receive the emotional release needed prior to Menstruation, New Moon or energetic shedding time.

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If finances are holding you back from seeking help,
see my Cycle-It-Forward program.

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