The First Step to this Dance is Humanity

Last week, in Intro to Collaborative Relationships, we explored the idea of collaboration as a way to work together and move in harmony with one another.

This week, my plan was to begin highlighting the important building-blocks in cultivating Collaborative Relationships, beginning with:

The Willingness to Meet Each Other

But, before I opened up my blog to begin writing, 3 things happened:

  1. A friend sent me a video that described the very essence of my message—the first step in the willingness to meet each other exists when we remember our humanity first.
  2. I noticed the running theme of DANCE throughout all my articles.
  3. I chucked my original plan…

This week, in support of keeping my theme going, I decided to let my own words rest and let this video do the talking. Enjoy!

We Came To Dance, by Tasha Blanks



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