Practicing Minimalism in Relationships

∴Question  How do I make time for my dreams and goals as well as my personal and romantic relationships?

betterworldIn modern relationships, the reality of genders coming to the table to participate in Equal Partnership means this: We have gifts to offer the world through outer-world achievement(s) AND we desire to cultivate quality, intimate connections with loved ones via community and romantic counterparts.

Minimalism is the art of paring down.  Practicing minimalism in relationship means clearing mental & emotional space to make room for what we truly desire to create.  To do this, we must take stock what our major priorities are.  Then, take note of which priorities need your full attention to help facilitate what you actually desire.  Paring down priorities like this can help direct your focus.  Pure attentiveness translates into nurture.  This nurturing communicates deep love for the people and activities we care about around us.

After getting clear about who and where to give your full attention, ask yourself these questions: What adjustments am I willing to make in my life to achieve this goal?  What or who am I willing to commit to in order to fulfill this dream? When all of this is clear, it is important to communicate to your loved ones.

Communication of your own needs and desires and how to create support for yourself is an invitation to others into your intimate world.  When we include others, we are creating deeper connection and intimacy with them.  So when your focus needs to be on an activity that is more about your outer-world achievement, you’re still building intimacy and connection with your relationship(s).  When engaging this kind of communication, be sure that you are also willing to be supportive in return.  Even ask if the other is feeling supported in what he/she/they desire to create.

focusIn a world with so much going on and lots to do and be, it is vital to take time out, step back and map out the bigger picture of your life as well as the collective bigger picture.  Clearing space in your mind and heart and even letting go of what no longer serves our bigger picture purpose, are all aspects of practicing the art of minimalism in a relational way.  We are limited beings that have limited time and energy.  By paring down, we reduce where we distribute our love, but we increase how we love.  This is an important lesson in balance and what it means to truly be present in a world fixated on the future.

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