Upcoming Workshops

∞ Phasic Ritual: Female Embodied Cycle Awareness

This is an in-person empowering education in late June located in the Sierra Foothills of Nevada City, Ca at a beautiful space known as The Desire Lab

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Are you looking to?…

Understand the language of your body?
  Find answers to the seemingly “crazy” and unpredictable shifts in energy, creativity and mood?
 Mend menstrual-related ailments?
 Familiarize yourself with the fertile soil which lies within you?

PHASIC RITUAL is a transformational emersion intended to facilitate the remembering of how to be in ‘rite relationship’ with our Cycles. As we return to the knowledge and power of our moon blood, we begin to alter the future of the feminine through cycling this wisdom forward from woman-to-woman once again. Your personal Cycle Awareness is not only a revolution, it’s a legacy.

Phasic Legacy Img
What is Phasic Ritual Img

—— Pricing ——
Payment Plans & Scholarships Available 

 —— Schedule ——
Friday. June 22nd 6-9pm, Orientation
Sat. & Sun. 23rd-24th 11-6 pm
30-minute Lunch Break (bring your own food)
Tea Breaks will be provided.

Sign-up for Phasic Ritual Weekend Intensive

∞ Full Moon Red Tent in Nevada City, CA June 30th

 This is a FREE Gathering supported by Cycle-it-Forward  


——  What’s A Red Tent?  ——

There used to be spaces where only Females gathered. These were caves, huts, lodges, tents, tee-pees, and tree canopies. They were shelters providing sanctity for women to commune together, reveling in the magic of sisterhood. Recent studies have shown the significant beneficial impact on Female health by simply being in an entrusted environment with one another. Red Tents have become a movement to provide place again for Females to be, and deepen connection to themselves and each other.

——  Who’s The Event For? Ages 13+  ——

Invitation extends to Female-identified people who desire to connect more deeply with the multifaceted nature of Female-bodied experience & share in the inheritance of sisterhood. Those with a physical womb, an energetic womb, or both.
IMPORTANT: under 18 must be accompanied by legal guardian.

——  What You Need to Know  ——

Doors open at 6:45pm
Doors close at 7:15pm
(no entry beyond for stability of space)

 Wear Red! Adorn yourself in red regalia, any shade & many shades will do 🙂
 Tea & some kind of chocolate treat will be provided, feel free to bring a chocolate offering to share.
 There will be free gifts & services offered via drawing throughout event.