Red Tents


∞ What is a Red Tent Gathering?

There used to be spaces where only Females gathered. These were caves, huts, lodges, tents, tee-pees, and tree canopies. They were shelters providing sanctity for women to commune together, reveling in the magic of sisterhood. Recent studies have shown the significant impact on Female health by simply being in an entrusted environment with one another. Red Tents have become a movement to provide place again for Females to be, and deepen connection to themselves and each other.

The Red Tents that I provide are as unique as the women and children who show up in them. They are beautiful, yet informal settings where I rely on my Facilitation skills and gifts to show me how to guide the group or let them be. Some are an educational opportunity for the females to learn more about their bodies and cycles. Others are simply a hang out & decompression space for the women to enjoy together. Some can be a bit of both or involve intense emotional clearing for the women/girls.

Red Tents can be provided and customized for the group requesting it and are not just for adult age females. I have provided Red Tents for girls ages 10-18 to help facilitate the importance of Cycle Awareness at a young age and for the girls to learn from each other through their own blood stories and experiences. I have also provided Red Tents for females of all adult ages, ranging 20-70 years.