Organizational Consulting

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∴ Organization Facilitation.  

Life can be messy, but it doesn’t always have to FEEL that way. Whether organizing spaces & things,  decluttering, guiding people through priorities & meeting goals, developing systems, structures & processes to support effectiveness, then the practical application thereof to facilitate ease, clarity, direction & spaciousness — This service is for individuals who:

»  Need help prioritizing their lives to create an easy, workable path toward achieving a certain goal(s) or dream(s).

» Need (my experience includes the following):
     ∞  Project Manager
     ∞  Event Coordinator
     ∞  Fundraiser
     ∞  Personal Assistant
     ∞  Volunteer Coordinator
     ∞  Facilitator
to help organize & guide a person/crew toward a common goal, project, or business venture. Availability is dependent upon details job/role/location.

»  Need help deep cleaning, organizing, decluttering their home, office, studio or other space and desire to put feasible systems in place that foster keeping the space clean, clear & clutter free.