Individual Facilitation

∴ Communication Facilitation.

One of the biggest issues in ALL relationships are misunderstandings that result from communication breakdowns such as: misunderstandings, baggage, tone, mistrust & competitive power dynamics.
This service is for people who:

»  Are willing to learn Receptive Communication skills that help w/inner clarity and the ability to navigate emotionally charged interactions with ease & integrity.

»   Are ready for authenticity and experiencing the deep happiness that comes with being truly honest with ourselves and others.

»  Desire to communicate from a place of empathy, meeting needs and collaborating to find Creative Solutions.

palos-verdes-wedding_0008-600x400∴ Self-Direction Facilitation.  

In a life filled with many “shoulds & to-do’s” with seemingly less time to fulfill one’s creative endeavors and personal dreams, many people get diverted, distracted, and overwhelmed by the daily grind. This leaves them feeling unhappy & unfulfilled, which negatively effects their interpersonal relationships. This service is for individuals who:

»  Need help prioritizing their lives to create an easy, workable path toward achieving a certain goal or dream.

»  Feel entrapped within a life of too many “shoulds” and need help seizing the life they desire within the integrity of balancing their own responsibilities & freedoms.

»  Want help finding clarity around a certain issue, situation, creative endeavor and/or desire.


∴ Self-Connection Facilitation.  

One of the most important relationships to nurture is the one with ourself. It is where our capacity to love begins and all other relationships stem. This service is for individuals who:

»  Are ready to have a healthy, balanced relationship with oneself and learn applicable self-care that maintains one’s emotional, mental and physical well-being.

»  Want help listening to their own voice, to better understand themselves, which leads to expressing and communicating themselves more clearly to the world around them.

»  Are willing to make the time to really know oneself.

 000085230002   ∴ Emotional Intelligence Facilitation.  

Emotional Intelligence is pivotal in relationships. Emotions hold important messages. When we are willing to listen to and understand them, they can work for us, rather than against us.
This service is for individuals who:

»  Are ready to develop EQ: how to understand emotions, name them, take responsibility for them, navigate tension and communicate your truth in a way that both respects and honors you and your loved ones.

»  Are willing to take responsibility for: triggers & emotional wounds that cause reoccurring, often self-sabotaging patterns when unaware of and unchecked.

»  Want help with the healing process of an intense emotional experience.

i-nhMsn59-XL∴ Self-Care Facilitation.  

Personal self-care is paramount to one’s health & well-being. When feeling taken care of, everything and everyone around can benefit. This service is for individuals who:

»  Are ready to confront their own emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs that directly impact their health & well-being.

»  Desire to learn healthy ways of asking for what they need.

»  Are ready to learn what it means to be truly Interdependent.

»  Are willing to apply creative solutions into their lifestyle that will provide support and nourishment toward greater health & well-being.