Relationship & Reconciliation Facilitation

IMG_5408∴ Reconciliation Facilitation. 

Conflicts are a natural part of relating. We can’t escape them, nor should we.  This service is for people who:

»  Are willing to work through conflicts (whether new or reoccurring) and confront the lesson(s) at hand, learn more about each other and themselves in the process, which ultimately builds more trust.

»  Want help recovering trust in their relationship after a feeling of betrayal has taken place.

»  Desire to participate in Anti-Opression (AOP) work, confront their own societal conditioning/practices and become an ally for real social, environmental & nutritional justice.

000060870033_WEB-600x396∴ Couples Communication Facilitation.  

One of the biggest issues in relationships are misunderstandings that result from communication breakdowns.  This service is for people who:

 Are willing to be students together in order to learn healthier communication skills that allow them to cultivate inner clarity for navigating emotionally charged interactions with ease.  This results in mutual understanding and respect.

»   Are ready for authenticity and experiencing the deep happiness that comes with being truly honest with ourselves and others.

»  Desire to learn how to navigate the emotional realm in a healthier way.


∴ Relationship Dynamics Facilitation.  

The “mating dance” that leads to long-term relationships is an art.  One that has been misunderstood in modern society.  It is important to know how to create healthy dynamics in the beginning, instead of repeating unhealthy communication patterns that are set up for failure. This service is for relationships that:

»  Are on the mend, attempting to pick up the pieces of their relationship in hopes of putting it back together to build a real partnership that works as a team.

»  Are just beginning a romantic connection, or are in one and want to practice healthier communication together that form healthier, collaborative dynamics.

»  Need some relationship MATE-enance —nurturing and tending to the well-being of the relationship.

IMG_0289∴ Power-Parting Facilitation. 

Power-parting is a responsible, honest and kind way to part with a relationship that no longer supports, uplifts and respects the individuals involved. Break-ups don’t have to be messy, full of hatred and exploding reactions from pent up resentments. They can be harmonious, if you want them to be. This service is for:

»  Couples who have hit the end of their rope, done the best they can and found that it’s just not working, but want help parting in a more harmonious way.

»  Romantic relationships who have come to the “end” and want help learning how to shift into a  friendship dynamic.

»  Longterm friendships/relationships that need help in communicating a hard, but honest truth about the relationship, a change needing to be made, or something that needs confronting with the other.